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At the tone the time will be 23 nodes past infinity, beep...........

Some random thoughts.

>I agree on most of these points. Except the one about our 
>consciousness being part of the Matrix. "I believe that it is the 
>only thing outside the matrix." 

>Good question. See above. But once again, in a model of a 
>universe without time. The rules are imposed upon our 
>consciousness. Not our brains. The laws actually limit which 
>nodes in the probability matrix we can experience, not whether 
>cause follows effect. "Just like our consciousness, these laws 
>are outside the matrix."

If I understand this: if only the consciousness exist outside the matrix
then the laws (limitations) that exist out side the matrix must exist in
the consciousness.  There for physical and mental limitations only exist
in consciousness as a program.  Just as a computer can only do what it is
program to, our conscience can only do what it's program to.  Thought I
might of read somewhere that you don't conceder these physical laws to
exist in the consciousness.  If these limiting laws don't exist in the
matrix or the consciousness, do they have a place all to themselves or
are these limiting laws floating around freely?  Can you clear this up?


>When I talk about we, as in our consciousness, I'm talking about 
>the self-idealized embodiment of ones existence. The place where 
>cognition and the self reside."
Do chimps/new born humans/worms/trees/bacteria/virues experance nodes

>Perhaps I shouldn't use the terms 
>interchangeably? I created the term 'node' to avoid the time 
>based connotations attached to the word 'event'. I thought that 
>I could use them interchangeably after I had defined node. I 
>thought you would see the interchangeable aspects, and accept 
>them as synonymous

I to were using them interchangeable.  If fact after I sent off the
e-mail, I thought to myself that I should not of used the word 'event' so
loosely because it might take the discussions back to the beginning.

>Our minds do perceive linear events. They do this as a result of 
>the laws imposed upon our consciousness.

Yes. The laws of Time.  You can change the name of a rose, even change
it's definition, but it will still small the same.  If you call something
a node, event, unit, it's the same to me.  If you take what man kind has
given time credit for and give the credit to a new term, all your doing
is changing labels.  I can see a reasoning that you might not want to use
the word 'time' because every one has different idles as to what time is,
and you might not what them too pollute (for lack of a better work) your
idle with their believes.

You state that motion doesn't exist.  Nodes don't move, it's our
conscience that moves.  Well as long as something is moving (even if it's
only consciousness) then it's motion to me. If your right, we just
learned that motion is not what we though it was. Just as when we learn
that the moon was not made of cheese, it still remained the moon.