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George has left the train.

I have been running an experiment (I like experimenting) with Robert's
idle.  I pretend that it was my idle and tried to figure out how I
thought of it, and try to explain it to someone else.   So what I did was
to get on a train.  I sat next to a guy name George. I tried to explain
to him that we are not moving forward.  I told him we are not moving at
all.  The world outside was moving backwards.  Then I told him that
because we are not moving that means there is no such thing as motion.  

George had many questions and commits along the way about this idle.  But
then we came to George's stop and he had to leave and go to work.  But he
left my with his concussion.  George said that "a node don't experience
motion or time, our consciousness experiences them.  Sound to me that you
didn't show that motion and time don't exist, you just redefined them.  I
can undestand this.  I could even come up with the math for this matrix. 
All I have to do is redefine the math use for time and motion."  He also
said "In the matrix there is no 'nodes' only 'node'.  'Nodes' exit in the
conscious.  The same goes for branches and trees."