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Re: On the outside looking in

On Monday, March 18, 2002, at 02:29 AM, Robert L. Vaessen wrote:

If the consciousness can reside outside the physical, what are its limitations when outside the brain. Do the limitations/laws we've been talking about change when the consciousness is free from the brain/body? Are the limitations imposed by the capabilities/limitations of our brain?

Our ability to comprehend the matrix is limited by a series of laws/limitations. Do those laws differ depending on the state of our consciousness? Experiencing the matrix from within (inhabiting a brain), or observing the matrix from outside (Out of body)?

Good questions these. As I mentioned in one of my past messages, I didn't see anything in your theory that interfered with the main tenets of several religions. Rebirth suggests that the soul transmigrates. Could that simply be 'us' freed of our mortal coil and reinvested along another nodal pathway wrapped in another 'life'.
Have you ever been unconscious?

Yes. When I was little I was playing trapeze artist in the milking parlor and fell and hit my head. I walked into the bulk tank room and next thing I knew I was dreaming. Then I picked myself off of the floor there. I don't know how long I was out. But I was definitely out.
What's the difference between dreaming and unconscious?

I would say very little. I think we lose our ability to remember our dreaming based on the severity of the unconsciousness. I know when I had my major operations (4 all together, two heart, two neck) that going under and waking up involves some light dreaming slipping in and coming out.

Here's a thought. Brain scans identify the so-called REM states as the time when the mind dreams. What if it is only the time when the mind passively records dreams. In other words it's a symptom of dreaming, not dreaming directly. Can't answer this, but I wonder if science can either.
What about lucid dreaming?
I've never dreamed of Lucy... Or Jeannie for that matter...
Have you seen the movie 'Flatliners'?

I saw it. I thought it was great. It didn't really try to answer the questions of what lies beyond directly, just showed the consequences of playing with fire.