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Re: On the outside looking in

Time Travel:
>Time travel would have no effect on the nodes themselves. The nodes are 
>fixed and unchanging. 
Form what I can tell from your model.  If you time traveled back you
would experience the nodes just the same as you did before, there for,
you wouldn't know you traveled back.  What would happen is you would get
trapped in a continues time loop.
>Please stop using conscience as consciousness.  
You right I was using it wrong.  If you use any of my stuff, change
conscience to consciousness.  I tried to stay away from souls,
disembodied consciousness, & life after death.  I just don't know.  
The Rest of The Story:
>People who have been clinically dead, and then resuscitated, report
>outside of the physical when they recover.
There is two medical definitions for death, One is body death (don't
remember the medical term) were your heart and lungs stop.  The second is
brain dead (also I don't remember the medical term) were your brain stop.
 There is medical evidence that people can be resuscitated from body
"death".  But there is no medical evidence of anyone ever coming back
from brain death (you can check any records).  Once a nerve dies it can
never (as we know it today) be restored.  Scientist know which part of
the brain that is responsible for life after death experience, and can
hook you up to a machine to stimulate this part of the brain.  When this
is done to you, you will believe you had an out of body experience.  You
may say, "how do you know it's not an out of body experience?  They have
interviewed many people who claim to had this birds eye view, but they
were all wrong in describing things in the room that can only be seen
from above.  They even place large numbers/large colored dots and stuff
that can only be seen from above, and no one that experience this can
identified them.  
I thought you might want to hear the full store.  You don't here about it
probable because it's not as exciting.
Some Cool Stuff:
Scientist have also discovered the part of the brain that makes you
believe in God.  They took atheist and stimulated this part of the brain.
The atheist start wanting to pray and join a church.  Then when it wears
off, they say something like "What was I thinking of."  It's also true in
reverse.  A true store of a religious man who had an accident and damage
this part of the brain.  He stop going to church and pick up swearing.
Dose this mean our spiritual believes are based on brain chemistry?  I
don't know.
Even Cooler:

I have never told anyone this before now, but I use to experiment with
conscious dreaming (i.e.: conscious awareness that you are dreaming),
self induced out of body projection, and traffic lights.  I had some
limited success which leads me to believe I had the right formula and was
on the right track.  However I gave it up for kids and work.  Sometime I
wish I didn't.  Who knows how far I could of gone.  Talk about
experiencing so strange stuff.   I was thinking of starting over, but I
can explain this some other day. 

>Have you seen the movie 'Flatliners'?
No I haven't.