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Secretly Solipsist

Pat -

Multidimensional; I don't get it. You're saying that physical objects do not have dimensions? I can measure dimensions with physical comparison. The distance from my toes to the top of my head is further than the distance from my navel to the top of my head. I have no problems examining physical objects in three dimensions. All these dimensions can be physically measured and quantified. If objects have more than one dimension they are multi-dimensional. Motion doesn't equal dimensions. Under standard thinking, motion is movement within dimensions (or space). I propose that there is no motion. Another proposal which I've been espousing is that all these nodes, overlap. They exist within the same physical space, yet do not interfere with each other because they occupy slightly different frequencies/dimensions of reality. Sort of like Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum radio transmissions. Multiple signals can transmit on the same frequency simultaneously. Users are able to find their message/transmission through the use of a key. All other transmissions go unheard/invisible, and do not interfere with the users transmission. Only the signal that matches the users key is visible to the receiver. The receiver has no idea that there are other signals present on the same frequency.

Traditional/standard thinking states that time is change measured through motion in space. In other words if nothing changes you cannot measure time. I say that there is no motion, and no time. Nothing physical actually changes. Your point of view changes as your consciousness experiences/processes different events/nodes within an unchanging matrix.

I can measure distance/dimensions using my physical sense receptors. Nerve cells in my body allow me to prove distance. If you are implying that I cannot prove multi-dimensional in the sense that they overlap, as I've proposed. I'd have to agree with you. I'm not up to that task. Perhaps we'll have to wait for someone to build a multidimensional detection device. Nobody knew that radio waves existed until Heinrich Herz proved their existence between 1885-1889. We now know that radio waves and visible light are made of the same 'stuff'. Just because we can't see radio waves doesn't mean they don't exist. Heinrich Herz proved their existence, and now it's an undisputed fact of the natural world. These frequencies all overlap, coexisting within the same physical space. Perhaps one day someone will discover a way to measure other dimensions (Multidimensionalism). Perhaps someone already has, and we just haven't realized it yet.

Are you implying that there is no physical world? Are you espousing a Solipsist point of view? Solipsism is the school of thought that believes in nothing but the self. Everything is a construct of your mind. Not even physical objects exist.

- Robert

On Wednesday, March 20, 2002, at 05:41 , Patrick G Konshak wrote:

From: Patrick G Konshak martialscience juno com
Date: Wed Mar 20, 2002 05:41:50 US/Mountain
To: rvaessen mac com, rjagarrity mac com
Subject: How I would do it.

I decide to change gears and tell how I would explain that time, motion,
distance, and dimensions do not exist. First I would remove the
Multidimensional Universes from the frame work for two reasons.

Reason One: If you use multidimensional, someone might claim 'that is
what motion is'. Objects moving throw dimensions, not space. And they
could state that time flows throw dimensions, not space.

Reason Two: You can't prove multidimensional exist or don't exist. Its a
good idle, but so is Bugs Bunny.

I would replace the Matrix with a Singularity. This Singularity has no
length, width, or height. It has no size or places (nodes, trees,
branches). It has no inside or outside. It's zero dimensional.
Everything occupies the same place at the same no time. Then I would
explain the mechanics of how everything can occupies the same place at
the same instant.

The conscious would exist in the Singularity (there's no other place to
exist). And it dose not move (there's no place to move). I would
explain the mechanics of how the conscious can perceive time, motion,
distance, and dimensions from a Singularity.