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Re: Terminator with a limp

Nothing to add here, but Ohhh, nice answer!


On Sunday, March 17, 2002, at 12:03  AM, Robert L. Vaessen wrote:

Pat -

On Thursday, March 14, 2002, at 04:56 , Patrick G Konshak wrote:

Computers don't have conscience.  So they don't have to follow linear
nodes (events).  When computers become complex enough to program
themselves, will they become God like and take over?
When computers become intelligent enough to program themselves, they will be writing programs based upon the laws of the universe as we taught them.

If the laws that we give them allow them to bypass the laws of physics (laws which restrict our ability to experience reality), then they will be able to think outside the 'matrix'. Their consciousness will be unrestricted by the laws which restrict our consciousness. I don't think that this will happen any time soon.

We may someday be able to create machines which can think on their own. But, the limits to their thinking will in part be limited by the laws that we provided them with in the first place. They'll struggle with their own version of 'Who makes the rules?'.

- Robert