Alice Sucharsky


Alice Sucharsky Antone Sucharsky Jacob Sucharsky Florianna Paul Josephine Tarkowski Holda

Additional Names

Type Name
Married Name Holda


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Antone Sucharsky 14 JAN 1865  Josephine Tarkowski 9 DEC 1876

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children




Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.


Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Brothers & Sisters
Helen SucharskySister
Gertrude SucharskySister1897MI, USA1981
Mae SucharskySister2 FEB 1899MI, USA13 MAR 1989
Priscilla SucharskySister1901
Frank I. SucharskyBrother9 MAR 1904MI, USA8 FEB 1989
Walter W. SucharskyBrother17 OCT 1906WI, USA18 AUG 1992
Florence Josephine SucharskySister17 OCT 1907Green Bay, WI, USA31 MAR 1999Green Bay, WI, USA
Bennie SucharskyBrother1912
Peter Clement SucharskyBrother06/27/1920Eaton, WI, USA10/25/2010Wisconsin, U.S.A.
Antone SucharskyFather14 JAN 1865Posen, Poland01 Mar 1952Wisconsin, USA
Josephine TarkowskiMother9 DEC 1876Pennsylvania12 AUG 1962
Jacob SucharskyGrandfatherAPR 1835Posen, Poland, Prussia, Poland05 JAN 1923Lena, Oconto, Wisconsin
Florianna PaulGrandmotherAUG 1844Posen, Poland, Prussia, Poland23 SEP 1909Wisconsin
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
Gertrude PiechotaSister-in-law05/26/2006
Joseph WypiszynskiBrother-in-law18921963
Leo Pius VaessenBrother-in-law06 JAN 1905Beardsley, Minnesota, USA06 APR 1998Green Bay, WI, USA
Nephews & Nieces
Richard Leo VaessenNephew22 SEP 1932Green Bay, WI, USA24 JUN 2008Pound, WI, USA
Donald John VaessenNephew
Roger Anthony VaessenNephew
Dorothy Mae VaessenNiece
Margaret Ann VaessenNiece
Mike SaharskyNephew
Barbara SaharskyNiece
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Nicole SaharskyGrandniece
Thomas SaharskyGrandnephew
John SaharskyGrandnephew
Eileen Marie VaessenGrandniece
Scott David VaessenGrandnephew
Robert Leo VaessenGrandnephew
Michelle Mary JosephsGrandniece
John Patrick JosephsGrandnephew
Eric VaessenGrandnephew
Alice Concetta VaessenGrandniece
Rory Matthew JosephsGrandnephew
Michael Paul VaessenGrandnephew
Victoria VaessenGrandniece
Matthew VaessenGrandnephew
Luke VaessenGrandnephew
Cynthia VaessenGrandniece
Uncles & Aunts
Kate SucharskyAunt
Peter BinsUncle-in-law
Valentine KoteckiUncle-in-law1861Posen, Poland
Peter SucharskyUncle1867Poland
Johanna SucharskyAunt1872Posen, Poland23 JUL 1953
Sadie SucharskyAunt27 JUL 1877Poland30 OCT 1957
Frank SucharskyUncle22 SEP 1882MAY 1936
Joseph Dominic SucharskyUncle10 MAR 1884Eaton, WI, USA27 MAR 1954Green Bay, WI, USA
Louis SucharskyUncle02 FEB 1886WI, USA17 OCT 1922
Leophoel SucharskyUncle23 MAR 1887Eaton, WI, USA
Mary DembroskyAunt-in-law18 DEC 1888Sugar Notch, PA, USA26 JUL 1957Lena, WI, USA
Peter KoteckiFirst Cousin (m)
Joseph KoteckiFirst Cousin (m)
Leo KoteckiFirst Cousin (m)
Sophie KoteckiFirst Cousin (f)
Vincent KoteckiFirst Cousin (m)
Valentine Kotecki Jr.First Cousin (m)15 JAN 1903Marinette County, WI, USA08 MAY 1992
Frank KoteckiFirst Cousin (m)1905WI, USA
Mary KoteckiFirst Cousin (f)1907WI, USA
Steven SucharskyFirst Cousin (m)11 DEC 1908WI, USA14 MAY 1909WI, USA
John KoteckiFirst Cousin (m)1909WI, USA
Matilda Elizabeth SucharskyFirst Cousin (f)21 APR 1910WI, USA19 SEP 2000WI, USA
Cecilia Marcella SucharskyFirst Cousin (f)19 NOV 1911WI, USA06 MAR 1995WI, USA
Felix KoteckiFirst Cousin (m)1912WI, USA
Clarence Joseph SucharskyFirst Cousin (m)07 JAN 1914WI, USA27 NOV 2006WI, USA
Angeline KoteckiFirst Cousin (f)04 APR 1914WI, USA26 OCT 1995
Mary Frances SucharskyFirst Cousin (f)26 MAY 1915WI, USA28 NOV 2001WI, USA
Walter SucharskyFirst Cousin (m)03 JUL 1918WI, USA
Frances Sadie SucharskyFirst Cousin (f)15 SEP 1919WI, USANOV 1994WI, USA
Chester SucharskyFirst Cousin (m)24 AUG 1922WI, USA07 JAN 1997MO, USA

World History

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