Karate Joe Comics

Karate Joe's Revenge

Last issue we saw Joe Bullied and harassed in school. He was feeling kind of down and out. Then he found someone who was worse off than him (well, it seemed that way to Joe anyway). Joe was good enough to help the old man recover from his injuries. As a reward the old man taught Joe karate.

2nd Issue Frame 1

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Karate Joe Comics
The first issue. Karate Joe Comics No.1: The origin of Karate Joe.
The second issue. Karate Joe Comics No.2: Karate Joe's revenge.
The final issue. Karate Joe Comics No.3: Karate Joe the Crime Fighter.
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Karate Joe Comics were written and Illustrated by: Robert L. Vaessen back in the early 80's. Copyrights are held by the author, and these 'Comics' may not be distributed for profit or other compensation of any type, without the express written permission of the author.

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