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Re: Fw: The Root Node


> Until then, we will continue to think that these events are 
> occurring in a sequential order. Time does not exist, we're just 
> incapable of comprehending all the nodes at once.

>From what I understand, you believe all the nodes happen at once, but our
brains only work in a sequential order, there for we can only comprehend
events happening sequentially?

This reminds me of a story of mine.   When someone tells me "This is a
better drug, because it is natural"  or "This is a better food because it
is nature".  I reply with "Natural as appose to what? Supernatural
drugs?"  or Unnatural food like the plastic fruit in the bowl on my
table?"  This person is of the mind set that man is not part of nature
and anything he puts together is unnatural.  I'm of the mind set that man
is part of nature (as Carol Sagon once said "A tree cell can read human
DNA." Note an exact quote) and the things man makes come from nature.  

Getting back to the matrix.  I believe man (his body, mind, spirit,
conscience, emotion, etc..) is part of the universe, the matrix, the
probability tree.  Our conscience is sequential because the universe, the
matrix, the probability tree is sequential. Our conscience is governed by
the same physical laws as the probability matrix .

> These questions will continue to be unanswered until we break 
> free of our physical limitations (laws of physics). Somewhere in 
> the probability matrix is a special node. That node comprises 
> the arrangement of matter where our consciousness breaks free 
> from it's limitations. Eventually, someone (some consciousness) 
> will encounter that node in their path. When that happens they 
> will be free to explore all the possibilities of the probability 
> matrix.
> 'Has that happened yet?' - ?

If you believe that all the nodes (events) happen at once, then it has
already happened.