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Are you conscious?

Rob -

I agree. I believe that 'we' are consciousness. But I also believe that a physical world exists. THere are limitations on our ability (as a consciousness) to experience this physical reality.

We can only visit certain nodes. The nodes along our probability path are consciously selected by us, but influenced by the limitations imposed upon our consciousness. We are not free to select any node in the probability path. Our choices are restricted by these laws (physics).

This 'Concept' of time is not what binds us. Time is a rationalization of the way in which we experience nodes (instantaneous nows of reality). We experience reality (the nodes along our probability path) in a linear, sequential fashion, and interpret (an aspect of) that method of experience as constituting a passage of 'Time'.

Other laws (physical laws) bind us to our probability path. There are laws which restrict the nodes that we can visit. These laws limit the order, direction, and rate of the nodes that we visit. Our struggle is to determine what all the laws are.

Perhaps we will someday transcend these physical limitations.

- Robert

On Friday, March 8, 2002, at 06:43 , Rob Garrity wrote:

Considering that we are reduced to mere consciousness, a 'concept' as Pat
lays out can be pretty strong medicine. No wonder we are bound by it...

And one more thing.

I don't believe in entropy,

Seems you gotta have it when you don't have infinities.

The totality of nothingness is nothing to me and I will have none of it!