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Unless otherwise noted, all the materials (text, photos, graphics and other materials) available on these private web pages were created by an independent author, and copyright to those materials is held by that author (In most cases, that author is Rob - aka Robert L. Vaessen - of Rob's World! (the Rob's World! website (which you are likely visitng right now) and D&D campaign).

Who can access my website(s)/webpage(s)? Anyone with an internet connection and web browser/application which allows them to view HTML and other file formats hosted on my website(s)/webpages. I make no effort to verify age of visitors or appropriateness of materials posted/hosted on my website(s)/webpage(s). Therefore - You the viewer/visitor must determine (either on your own - because you are of legal age in your country of citizenship (and or country of residence)) or your government, parent or legal guardian must determine (prior to allowing you access) that the material offered/made available on my website(s)/webpage(s) is/are age appropriate and not offensive. If you are offended by any of the material that I have made available, then you should immediately stop viewing it, and never view my website(s)/webpage(s) again. As a matter of fact, if you (your governmnet, legal guardian, or parent) deem the material inappropriate, then you may never visit any of my website(s)/webpage(s) again.

A large portion of the materials on my web site (any domain registered by me for my personal use) are related to Fantasy Role Playing Games (FRPG) - Specifically Dungeons & Dragons®, but I'd like to point out that I have no connection to Wizard's of the Coast, Inc. (WoTC), it's affiliates or parent corporation (past and present). Unless otherwise noted, the gaming materials I've made available are not part of the official D&D® product line, the Forgotten Realms® product line, or any other product line published by WoTC (or any other company). The FRPG materials available on these web pages may incorporate, and/or may be based on, and/or derived from, copyrighted materials of WoTC (or other companies). Additionally, these materials/this web site may contain materials trademarked by Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro (or other companies). Any use of copyrighted materials or trademarks on these web pages should not be viewed as a challenge to those copyrights or trademarks, and the materials are used without authorization, endorsment, or specific permission (unless otherwise indicated). I do not offer/sell any such materials for monetary (or other in-kind) compensation. Any commercial use of copyrighted materials without express permission is prohibited.

These materials (my original content) are for free personal use only; provided the author's name is cited, and the materials are not altered in any way. These materials may not be published, reproduced, sold or distributed in any manner without the prior, explicit permission of the author/copyright holder(s) (whoever that may be).

TSR®, AD&D®, D&D® and Forgotten Realms® are all registered trademarks of Wizards of The Coast, Inc. of Renton, WA (Formerly known as TSR, Inc).


My Privacy Policy - I won't give away your email address (or any other personally identifiable information) to anyone without your prior approval. - Robert L. Vaessen

In closing, I wouldn't be surprised if "Role Playing", "Fantasy Role Playing", and "Campaign" are trademarked or registered by some corporate entity.

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