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Ghosts in the Machine?

Pat -

Law and order are what make up reality for us. Because we only know (physically experience) those things that can be defined within a framework of law and order.

I'm not exactly sure what is meant by your use of the term chaos. I don't think that being able to move freely within the matrix would constitute chaos. It would be exceeding our current/physical limitations.

I don't think that the matrix is composed of total chaos. I've described the matrix as:

Simultaneously overlapping configurations of matter. The simultaneously part described my rejection of time as part of reality. I described the overlapping part as alternate nodes or universes (multidimensionalism). Every possible node in the matrix occupies the same physical space (I have no idea how big that physical space is). The configurations of matter are those probability nodes in the matrix. All these nodes are static and unmoving. They comprise every possible event for every consciousness within the matrix.

I believe that the matrix itself is very highly structured. Completely unchanging (no such thing as time) and fixed into a rigid framework. We (our consciousness' (and those of other life forms)) are the only things moving in the matrix. We (our consciousness) move from one node to another, along a specific probability path. The path is not fixed, but its boundaries are limited by a set of laws.

I believe that we (as a collective of like consciousness') are bound by a set of physical laws that describe and limit how we experience the matrix. All our experiences are filtered through and limited by these laws. Where did these laws come from? What are the laws? Do we know what all the laws are?

If we were able to operate outside these laws (restrictions), we would be able to see the matrix as it truly is.

Less laws does not mean more chaos. I think that we have coined the term chaos, because we're beginning to realize how little we know, about the physical laws which describe our experiences within the matrix.

- Robert

On Monday, March 11, 2002, at 12:11 , Patrick G Konshak wrote:


Do you consider moving away from physical limitations (laws of physics)
as moving towards Chaos? Do you think the probability matrix is made of
total chaos and that pockets (Trees) of law and order are what make up
reality? The more physical limitations the bigger the tree?

I was just trying to combine one of my idles with yours.