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Lets say that there is no such thing as time.  All events happen at once as individual nodes.  But our limited brains can only receive then in a linear events.  If this is true then my conscience would have to be a great super powerful computer to put these events into a linear pattern of cause and effect. That is: the striking of a match is the cause of the effect of fire (not the other way around).  Or maybe there is a mechanism that dose this for my conscience, like time?  But that can't be right, because time dose not exist.  So my conscience has to be a great super powerful computer. 
Also my conscience would have to make sure it stays on the right branch.  What's to keep it from jumping around the tree and seeing fish turn into refrigerators?  Is the answer 'space'?  Na, what's space?  Nothing.  It can't exist.
If our minds are limited to only see events linear, what is the force or mechanism that's limiting them?  Or if the limitation is do to the lack of something.  What force or mechanism is our minds lacking?
You say 'time' doesn't exist, and then you say our conscience perceive things in a linear way.  Linear perception is time.  Your say time doesn't exist, but then you say our conscience exist in time. 
You say 'events'.  Photons, gravity, electron, etc.. exist.  An event.  What's an event.  Events don't exist because an event is time.  Everything happens at once so there is no such thing as events.  Our minds can't perceive linear events (past, present, and future), they don't exist.  There for we don't exist. 
You need to answer these questions.  Don't just say "You have to ask a priest or something".  This is why.  You formed the believe that 'time' dose not exist.  You had to base it on something or did you flip a coin?  Base on the questions I asked above, there's a big part of the puzzle missing.  Your holding back.  Cuff it up.  What are you hiding up you sleeve.  Maybe you think I will not understand.  This why I sent some may reply.  Trying to get you to reveal your secretes.  I decided it's time for a  Klingon approach and come right out and ask you.
Don't worry about not having enough time to figure this out.  You already did.  It's just that your limited conscience did not perceive it yet.
Temporaphobia (I made that one up)