Tollgate Crossing is Closed

As of 31 Oct, 2018, the website, mailing lists and bulletin boards have been closed.

I ran the Tollgate Crossing website/services (website, mailing lists and public bulletin board) as a community service from Nov 2007 until Nov 2018.  As a resident, I was doing my best to keep my community (the entire community/not just one of the HOAs/or a specific ) informed and provide forums for neighbor to neighbor communications.  I wasn't/am not a member of any property management company, didn't/don't serve on an HOA or Metro District Board, and wasn't providing the service as a way to advertise my business.  I didn't solicit for any money/contributions, didn't permit any advertising, didn't have any membership requirements, and I never sold or gave away anyone's personal information.  Unfortunately, it seems that no one wants those types of services any more.  Everyone is more interested in web-services that are 'closed', gather data, sell personal information and get hacked by scammers and corrupt data brokers.

If you're looking for information about our community (Tollgate Crossing), you'll have to seek it elsewhere.  Perhaps you can find what you're looking for on F-Book, or Nxt-door, or one of the community management websites. You could try a general web search.  You might find multiple semi-accurate answers to your questions, littered with advertisement, scattered across the web, behind firewalls and login requirements.  I enjoyed providing these services, but the last year or so (2017-2018) clearly marked a turning point in the amount of satisfaction I received from the few residents who still appreciated the services I provided.  I'm no longer spending my time on the Tollgate Crossing web services.

I have trasferred the domain to a resident/board member on one of the local HOA boards, so the domain will live on. It will soon be back online, providing services to residents of the 'Town Homes' in the Newbridge at Tollgate Crossing section of our community. If you're looking at the 'New' website, you should know that it is under new management.

In addition to the website, I also maintained a TollgateCrossing 'Personal Web Page/Home Page' through Comcast (from Jun of 2012-Oct 2015), but they discontinued their Personal Web Pages in October of 2015.

Resident/Author/Webmaster/Mailing list manager: Robert Vaessen

(*F-Book (and Nxt-Door) not meant as a derogatory or disparaging remark. I use this short-hand as a reference to a website/service that is commercial in nature (not something run by community residents/volunteers), and I would prefer not to answer questions about their trademark or whether I obtained proper permission to reference their brand/service in this article. If you don't know what I mean by 'F-Book', then count yourself lucky!)