Annibirthday Vacation
Oct 2015

Photos taken in Oct of 2015 - Copyright held by Robert L. Vaessen


In October of 2015 (Oct 25-27, 2015), Kim and I celebrated our 'Annibirthday' - Yup, that's the correct word. We got married on my birthday. It's a long story, but we didn't actually plan it that way, it just kind of worked out that way (it's a long story). This year we took a weekend off to relax in one of our favorite Spots. Glenwood Springs, Colorado. This small mountain town is just the size I'd like to retire in. Unfortunately, Colorado's a bit too expensive for retirement. So we'll enjoy it while we can (while I'm still working). This weekend was rather simple, compared to some previous vacations. We relaxed in the hot springs, enjoyed a 1.5 hour Segway tour (around the town) and generally took our time relaxing, dining and sight seeing. We had a great time. Here's a few photos to prove we were there! - R. Vaessen

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Last Updated: July 23, 2019