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Time does not exist

Hey guys...

Would you mind if I published (via my web pages) your/our letters/responses regarding our 'Time does not exist' discussions? I'd publish the material in a somewhat condensed form; removing any non-pertinent (non 'Time Does Not Exist) information from the published material. I'd like to include your names/email addresses as well, but would publish the material under pseudonyms if you prefer. If I do publish your email addresses, I'd protect them from eMail address harvesters by image encoding them (see below for example).

Robert L. Vaessen rvaessen mac com

This technique has so far proven effective at thwarting email harvesting spam-bots. You can do some web research regarding this if you'd like.

Please let me know whether this (publication of the correspondence) is acceptable. I've found our discussions to be inciteful and helpful in my ongoing evolution :-)

p.s. I'll let you know if I become a G.E. Energy saver refrigerator, or some other higher life form.

- Robert

My character goes up to the prisoner after he has been ungaged, and
asks.. "Why are you evil?"