Six Flags: Elitch Gardens - Denver

Site updated on 05 Jun 2004

We're awake! - $0.00

Procuring supplies - $4.47 (w/free sub coupon)

Gasing up the go cart - $18.61 ($2.09/gallon) + More supplies at the grocery store $8.35

Need some people fuel - $10.78

Park entrance - $43.98 for 2 adult w/$15.00 discount

We're in!

General Vaessen and his Escort. Goofy photos - $35.41

Look a monkey!

People in line - We feel like cattle

The mind eraser - Did we ride this one?

Ocean's Journey - View from the park

Denver skyline

Sidewinder - Go forward, go back!

Time for a break. Using up the supplies - $0.00

The halfpipe - "U" gotta be kiding!

Hang on tight!

Shipwreak falls

My insurance wouldn't cover this!

I couldn't get Kim to go on this ride

Where's Waldo? At the end of the day. Total cost? - $121.60

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