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Crapy cars

Crappy cars

Trace French drives Chris Uhlendorfs 'Skank Mobile'. Like many overseas military bases, there was an overabundance of crappy cars. The cars were passed on from A1C to SrA and so on. With no significant repair work in the process, the cars became crappier and crappier. Here is one example of the type of cars we drove. Typical cost? $800 - $1,200. Buyer beware!

I remember one incident which sparked a crack down on car inspections. A group of people were on their way to work in one such crappy car. The car was packed with four shift workers. It was early in the morning, and they were approaching the infamous "S" bridge. As they mounted the bridge, there was a loud crack, a rending of metal, something bad was happening to the crappy car. The car actually split in half! Breaking in two, the car separated between the passenger and drivers compartments. No one was hurt, but imagine the shocked look on the SP's faces as they arrived to investigate this accident!. In the background is the womens dorm. Photo taken Sep '86