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Self self.html Who is Robert L. Vaessen? An autobiography of the author.
Our house ourhouse.html We bought a house in March of 2005. Our first house. Finally, after twenty years of moving around (see my bio for details).
Genealogy index.html The history of the Vaessen family. Extensive on-line lineage of the Vaessen family.
Front Door index.html The main page of my web site.
Disclaimer disclaimer.html A legal disclaimer and copyright notice for Rob's World!
Privacy privacy.html My Privacy Policy. What data I 'collect' and 'what I do with it'.
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Gif note gifnote.html A note about the animated battling knights graphic.
Mail comment mailcmnt.html A note about the animated 'eMail-Stamp' graphic.
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Description of updates, changes, and recent events occurring on my web site and in my life. Take a trip into the Past. View the "What's New?" archives. Venture way back to the Distant Past. Fire up the way back machine, and study some Ancient History. In order to experience previous "What's New?" Archives, you'll need to manually enter the appropriate URL by year, and or month (for years after 2006). For example - To view the "What's New?" page from 2005, enter the URL: ''. In order to view the "What's New?" page from the month of Jan 2008, enter the following URL: ''. The "What's New?" archives begin in the year 1996

Sugar Grove sugargorve.html My assignment to the Mountains of West Virginia. One airmans experience in the Mountaineer Navy.
Misawa misawa.html Misawa Air Base, Northern Japan. A fantastic overseas assignment.
Misawa Wildlife misawawl.html What wildlife abounds in the vicinity of Misawa AB? Lot's of animals abound, inccluding the Tanuki!
Southlands Mall southlands.html I used to maintain an index of stores & services available at the Southlands Mall, now this page is primarily a redirect.
Snowy White Mocha snowywhite.html A fantastic frappuccino concoction, created by Kim Vaessen. A blended iced espresso drink to beat the summer heat.
Collections Collections of books, music, movies, etc...
Books books.html A list of books I've read and liked.
Music music.html What sort of music does Robert L. Vaessen enjoy.
Music list mymusic/index.html A listing of the albums, CD's, and casettes owned by Robert L. Vaessen
Movies movies.html Kim and I have been collecting movies since the mid eighties.
Movie list mymovies/index.html A listing of Robert and Kim's VHS and DVD collection.
Movie reviews reviews.html My movie reviews for the current year.
  mr2006.html My movie reviews for 2006.
  mr2005.html Movie reviews from 2005.
  mr2004.html Movie reviews from 2004.
  oldreviews.html Older movie reviews. Some from 2004, some earlier. Please disregard the poor formatting.
Other games othergames.html What else do I play, aside from D&D? Glad you asked.
Software myfavs.html My favorite software. A list of software I use to create my web pages.
Computer mycomputer.html My PowerMac G5. Hardware, Operating system and software configuration notes.
Military ribbons ribbons.html The military ribbons/awards that I earned while serving in the United States Air Force.
Politics My viewpoints on the military, free speech, and conscription.
Dishonor dishonor.html The Military Honor and Decency act of 1996.
Co-conspirators coconsp.html Sponsors/Co-sponsors of the Military Honor and Decency act of 1996.
H.R. 3300 hr3300.html House resolution 3300. The text of the bill.
DoD Instruction i410570.html D.o.D. Instruction number 4105.70. The ban.
Kyl amendment kylamend.html The Kyl amendments to the National Defense Authorization act of 1996.
Conscription hr3598.html My points against the Universal Military Training and Education act of 2001.
H.R. 3598 3598.html House resolution 3598. The text of the bill.
Karate Joe The Karate Joe series of comics.
Karate Joe krtejoe.html Karate Joe comics. The Home page.
Origins origin1.html The origin of Karate Joe. 1st issue of Karate Joe.
Revenge revenge1.html Second issue in the series. Revenge of Joe. Stickman gets back at those bullies!
Crime fighter crimftr1.html Karate Joe, the Crime Figther. 3rd issue of Karate Joe.
Fighting Spam Web pages about my personal crusade to wipe out spam.
Spam offer junkdec.htm A warning and disclaimer to all senders of unsolicited email.
Why bother? whybother.html Why do I bother fighting spam? Someone once asked me that question. Here's my reply.
Defeating spambots pbmtopng.html How to defeat email address harvesting spambots. Converting textual email addresses into web ready graphics.
Blank emails?
Completely blank email messages. What are they? Why do people receive them? What can you do about it?
An incredibly brazen extortion attempt by a spammer. Or, more likely, a Joe-Job against some victim.
Why do spammers forge email headers? How they make my life a misserable hell. What's a Joe Job?
Here's one example of a nasty trap for customers of Spammer forges a web page to steal credit and personal info.
Can we eliminate spam?
My proposal. A way to eliminate spam once and for all. Can it be done? Certainly! Is it easy? No, not really.
AAFES privacy policy
How AAFES violated their own privacy policy and gave away my email address to a internet based market research company.
A collection of various photo's. Mostly pictures I took, but a few by others
Desktops desktop.html Original Desktop Photo's. Photo's from Robert & Kim's adventures.
Photos photos.html Vaessen family photos. Photo's from Kim & Robert's vacations, outings, expeditions and celebrations.
Architectural porn archiporn Architectural Porn: Unintentional porn? Architecture that looks like something else. Does a strong buttress do it for you? Perhaps your a Gazebo fan. A play on words, or playing to the eye? Is it sinful or artful?
Photo painting photopaint How I converted a mountain view photo into the 102" x 42" painting above our fireplace.
Our house ourhouse We bought a house in March of 2005. Our first house. Here are photos of the house from day one.
Crazy theories Some of my wild, hair-brained, theories, thoughts, and ideas.
Junk Drawer junk.html What secrets can be found in this man's Junk Drawer?
The Wheel wheel.html Origins of the Wheel. An alternate theory. I just don't buy that 'fallen trees rolling down a hill' stuff.
Time notime.html There is no such thing as time (or motion). Another hair-brained idea.
DejaVu dejavu.html Another hair brained conspiracy theory. What is DejaVu, and what has it got to do with CIA mind control experiments?
Human Barometer barometer.html One mans experience with joint pain and weather prediction.
Artificial Language language.html Once upon a time; I created an Artificial language. A language born on Halloween.
Think Tank vifsi.html The Vaessen Institute for Strategic Institute. A Think Tank for the 21st Century.
Spoofing spoofing.html What is Spoofing? It's a game of lots, a game of strategy and bluffing, a military tradition.
Mac evangelism whyimac.html Why I choose Mac. A brief discussion of why I choose the Mac for my home computer.
Trees Trees that I've identified. A hobby I enjoy.
Trees trees.html I love trees. I admit it, I'm a tree hugger. I enjoy identifying various tree types.
Trees, Brandywine brndytree.html Trees that I identified while stationed at Sugar Grove West Virginia.
Trees, Ft. Meade meadtree.html Trees that I identified while stationed at Fort George G. Meade Maryland.
Trees, Misawa Japan misawatree.html Trees that I identified while stationed at Misawa AB in Northern Japan.

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