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Here you will find a collection of my favorite desktop photo's. Kim and I have lived in, and visited, some rather interesting places, and we've been taking pictures wherever we go. Here are some of the pictures I've taken over the years. The better ones. Perhaps they'll look as good on your desktop as they do on mine. Enjoy!

You're free to download and use these photo's on your computer; provided you do not remove, alter, or obscure the credit/copyright line in the lower left hand corner, or redistribute the photo's without my permission. - Robert L. Vaessen


+ Original Desktop Photo's at Rob's World!. A collection of original (copyrighted) photo's from Robert & Kim's adventures around the world.


I hope you enjoy the desktop photo's. Most of the photo's were taken using my Fuji FinePix 2400Zoom digital camera (2.1 Mega Pixel/3x Zoom). The ones that weren't taken with that camera were scanned (from developed photos) using my UMAX Astra 1220U flatbed scanner. I created most of the photo pages using Apple's free software - iPhoto, and an iPhoto plugin - BetterHTMLexport (both of which no longer exist/and Apple has not replaced the HTML authoring or plugin functions of iPhoto). It was a snap, honestly! :-) Some photo editing was done using GraphicConverter, and PixelNHance. Web page tweaking was performed using BBEdit. Follow this link for more info on my favorite software.

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