Trees of Brandywine Park

Trees of Brandywine, WV    

I was stationed at NSGA Sugar Grove, WV from 29 Oct of 95, until 31 Mar 98. NSGA Sugar Grove is a Navy base located in the Potomac Highlands of Pendelton Coutny in Eastern West Virginia. It is sorrounded by two very large National Forests. George Washington, and Monogahela.

The trees that I identified while stationed there came mainly from an area called Brandywine Park. It's a small camping/recreation area just off Rt. 33 inside the George Washington National Forest. It was about 2 miles away from my house. I used to purchase the annual pass in order to avoid the walk in fee of one dollar. Although the majority of my tree idenifying was concentrated on Brandywine Park; I did however, venture on to the military base and identify some of the trees there. There is a very small forested area on base, which was recently cut back considerably to make room for more housing units. Bummer!

Well That's it. As you can tell from this list, this area of the Appalachians is dominated by soft wood. Dogwoods, hemlock, cedar, and Black Locust. Trees with a shallow root system predominate in this very rocky soil. Many of these trees are flowering, and the smells in spring are quite wondrous. Especially that of the Mountain Laurel. I wish I could have spent more time identifying trees in Brandywine Park before I was reassigned.

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