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The planet. The major continent. A singular moon. The other continents. The nation state. The government. The peninsula. The city. And some maps of the peninsula.

    A few words about the type of campaign I run. My Campaign is set in a somewhat renaissancesque mid-european environ. Gunpowder and electricity do not exist. Very few chemical reactions are known of. The tinkerers, and blacksmiths of the campaign are a mighty folk. Responsible for many wondrous inventions. It's a somewhat Leonardo Davinci type world. Where mechanical typewriters, rubber wetsuits, and silk parachutes co-exist alongside religious pog-roms, powerful wizards, and magical flying ships, which ply the skies ferrying trade to and fro. Into it come your characters. Hell bent on wreaking havoc, and looting the tombs of forgotten old arch mages. Not to mention saving the realms from the threat of...

    The Realms of the "Rob's World!" campaign are located on the planet THARSU-NE'; or THAR, on the continent DAVIET. The Planet has one moon named SERULE, and at least two other Major continents; OHNEST, and MALTIZE.

    The nation which adventurers call home in my campaign is known as HADESKA. It is a nation governed by "Syndicracy". The government is ruled by a body of Syndics. Representatives of powerful merchant houses. This council of merchants meets once every 10 years to select a new ruler. The Syndicracy is generally lawful, and good in it's outlook. And as such the ruler of the nation (The Merchant King) is charged with maintaining an adequate national defense, instituting laws, treaties, and trade agreements. Lesser merchants, nobles, and elected officials rule the lands of the nation.

    The city which this campaigns adventurers call their "Base of Operations" is Whillip. Whillip is located on the continent of Daviet. It dominates a bay at the North Western end of Kelvarig Peninsula.

     From an adventurers point of view Whillip has much to offer. It contains nearly every service imaginable. It's shops are always well stocked, and the trainers always eager to teach adventurers how to improve their skills. The city contains several temples to the various deities of the central Realms. The city is active socially. One can often watch a jousting match at the Dueling Grounds, enjoy a stroll in the city park, or take in a play at the Grand Playhouse. Whillip also harbors a wide array of specialists, and specialty shops. Whether you're trying to sell those Dragon's teeth, or in need of a Mathematicians skills, nearly any service can be found in Whillip.

     Whillip is an exciting and fluid place. A starting place for adventures, and a comfortable home for the bone weary Adventurer.

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