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Re: Secretly Solipsist

>Did you actually speak to someone named George? Or was this purely a 
>mental exercise?

The train and George are from my mental holodeck.

I like Rob's river analogy.

On Sat, 23 Mar 2002 10:30:52 -0700 "Robert L. Vaessen" rvaessen mac com

> Pat -
> Multidimensional; I don't get it. You're saying that physical 
> objects do not have dimensions? 

> Are you implying that there is no physical world?  Are you 
> espousing a Solipsist point of view?  Solipsism is the school of 
> thought that believes in nothing but the self.  Everything is a 
> construct of your mind. Not even physical objects exist.

Close but not exactly.  Everything exist, but only as a singularity,
which is close to being nothing.  Funny you used the frequency example,
because I was going to use it.  

I figured out that  matter/energy/forces  can occupy the same space at
the same instant, it's the reaction of forces that get in the way.  To
make a long story short.  If matter/energy/forces are unalike (non
reactant) they can exist together, being intangible of each other.  In
this singularity exist frequencies can exist in the same place as long as
they are not alike. 

Motion is what creates the physical world around use.  The faster you
move an object, the more mass it has.  The particle/energy that make up
the world must keep in motion (spin, rotate, wave, etc..) or they will
lose their mass and their existence.  This is why I made mass
(dimensions) a perception too.  Motion and mass rely on each other.  One
can't exist without the other. 

There are other reasons to remove dimensions, but I'm going to have to
brush up on my physics to explain this.