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Re: Physical vs. Metaphysical

On Sunday, March 24, 2002, at 01:48 AM, Robert L. Vaessen wrote:

I guess I would have to agree with the idea that there is in fact only one node. The Matrix. The nodes that I'm describing are parts of the matrix which we experience. They are discreet events/nodes perceived by our consciousness. It made sense to describe things in this manner, because it helps to separate things into discrete identifiable components. It's much more difficult to discuss these ideas when we start from a framework where the nodes are all mixed together into a single node, an all encompassing matrix of instantaneous, overlapping, multidimensional events.

If you consider the nodes in the image of a computer circuit with discrete transistors which connect to each other with electrons cruising down them from point A to point B then yes, it is hard to visualize the concept of nodal existence within the matrix. We can't count or imagine the number of possible 'events'.

But if we imagine it more to a river, a flowing current of billions of billions of water molecules flowing by in front of us in a smooth continuous way. All connected there is only one river. We generally don't try to parse the river unless we're trout fishing...