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Re: Time as a concept

On Sat, 9 Mar 2002 09:10:28 -0700 "Robert L. Vaessen" rvaessen mac com

> Pat -

> You cannot prove time by using time in the proof of time.

This is a good point. I should state my self as "I can use time to
predict better then random chance where (not when) two trains will
intersect."  I'm using 'where' to proof 'time', instead of using 'time'
to proof 'time'.    The Earth being the center of the Universe is a
'concept'.  But when they used it to predict where the planets and stars
would be, they could not do it.  So that concept was changed to one that
did work.

To draw a conclusion.  What I'm doing here is trying to show the existing
of 'time' as far as I can understand it, which is as close to being
nothing as you can get.  Maybe someone with a big mind can proof that
time exist as a 4th dimension of matter/energy, And that you can time
travel. Mine mind is not that advance to conceive this.