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All things don't come to an end, they convert. Part 2.

Time:  I do not consider time to be a force of nature.  You can't manipulate it (slow it down or speed it up. nether travel forward or backward through it). There is no temporal particle, or is it a forth dimension.  However I do believe time exist as a "concept".  For example I can use time in a mathematical formula to predict what moment two trains leaving different stations traveling towards each other at different speeds will intersect each other (giving nothing perfect, I can predict better then random chance).  If time is not a concept, then how can I predict the future (where two trains intersect) with better then random chances? 
Just as Economics is not a force of nature.  That is: there is no particle (photon, graviton) that holds the force of economics, or is it a 4th dimension of matter.  But it is a "concept".  You can use an economic model to predict the future better then random chance.
I forgot to add this part onto my last e-mail,