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Re: All things don't come to an end, they convert.

Somebody stop this man!

Once again between you and Robert I feel lost among the deep thoughts.
A Lilliputian Basketball ref. just blowing my whistle and saying "Hey, Guliver traveled...".
I too believe in cosmic continuity of sorts. Infinity, or the infinite may just be the wrong focus.
Contemplating the end of time or the infinity of things, one kinda misses a lot of important
stuff that goes on along the way. Pat talks about conversion, the travel of matter from one
state to another. (Like say from Wisconsin to the UP...) Or, following Robert's logic the conversion
of one line of probability to another.

A node of probability, let's say, not ending in the ending of what we know as the material world,
(asparagus notwithstanding...) but rather a conversion into areas of probability that we can no longer
recognize as "life". "We go to Heaven." "We go to Hell." Is there anything in your theory Robert that
precludes either of these? I think not. We come back as an artichoke. We do time as a meal worm.
Can that sit within your conceptual frame? Deliciously, I think. You might be on to something. What you
suggest doesn't argue against God, Buddha, as far as I can grasp it that is.
Buddhism, (again with my limited grasp),
actually more or less says the same thing, without the proclamations. "There is only the now...". That's pretty Buddhist.
Christianity; "I am who am." "The three who are one." "What was in the beginning, now and forever shall be." can
certainly exist within your parameters. The only difference being, we believe in a being who can stand outside of the
wheel of existence, Buddha just claimed to be able to see the wheel and know how to get off of the merry-go-around.

Wow this stuff is great, I can actually feel my hair growing longer thinking about all of this...


On Friday, March 8, 2002, at 03:11 AM, Patrick G Konshak wrote:

Nothing ever really comes to an end.  You can't destroy or create
matter/energy.  Only convert it from one form to another.  So "one
probability node's end is another probability node's beginning".  Another
point to consider is that each probability node though illustrated as
separate events, they are tied together. That is: one probability node
(one branch) effects the out come of another branch.  I seen this
illustrated on Star Trek Voyager were someone was trying to change time
back it it's original state. Every little change he made had effects on
other events around the Galaxy.  He could not change one node (branch)
with out changing the others.

Now if you can't create or destroy matter/energy (as we know it).  Is
there a beginning or an end to matter/energy, or is it that word
Infinite?  If matter/energy is not Infinite, how dose nothing create
something?  If you say something create matter/energy, like God, then
your talking about conversion again (that is: it came from God's power),
and we start over.  Is God Infinite, or was he created?