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Re: NowNowNowNowNowNowNow...

On Tue, 19 Feb 2002 14:39:38 -0700 "Robert L. Vaessen" rvaessen mac com

> Rob -
> On the subject of infinite nows.
> I don't believe that there is an infinite number of Nows, or 
> nodes in the 'Probability Matrix'. For each possible 
> configuration/static Now, there are only a specific number of 
> downstream (Think in terms of a probability path) nodes. A fish 
> cannot jump out of a stream and become a G.E. Energy saver 
> refrigerator. The probability choices available within any 
> specific probability path are limited by the 'laws' of physics.
> I do believe that the number of Nows is 'Very' large. So large 
> in fact that it is beyond our comprehension to even suggest such 
> a number. We're talking about every object in existence 
> multiplied by all the possible/probable events for each given 
> object. That creates a lot of possibilities/nodes.
> However, even if I am wrong, and the number of Nows is infinite; 
> they could still coexist within the same physical space. 
> Simultaneously coexisting multidimensional universes.
> What I do not discuss/theorize, and have not tackled yet, is the 
> size of 'physical space' where all these Nows 
> overlap/simultaneously coexist.
> - Robert

I'm a little lost here.  This "infinite number of Nows, or  nodes in the
Probability Matrix" is neath here or there to me.  Maybe if you explain
how dose it effect the balance of the Universe or the outcome of events,
I can get on the same page.  The closes I can come is were you say
"events".  What I know is rather an event happens once every billion
years (or a very limited amount or parameters), or once ever nano second
(or a lot of parameters), . When you multiply both events by infinite
time, you come out with each event happening the same number of times. 
That is: Infinite number of times.