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For the world is hollow and I have touched the sky,

I don't know. Your web page (https://www.robsworld.org/notime.html)
inspired me to remember that famous line cum title of the Star Trek episode about the simple folks in the asteroid that just didn't get the part about it being a spaceship. Till Kirk and Spock set them straight that is...

Then there is the collary, " S'cuse me while I kiss the sky." by Jimmy Hendrix, but that is another thing entirely...

I enjoyed the thoughts. One question. Have you tried to parse the word now?
A continuous series of the now. Ok. but how big is now? How big is the node? If they're all stacked as you say it doesn't matter, except we are back to infinite nows if you slice them too thin.

"It's big, bigger than all of us..." "How big is that?" "That's not important now..."

Sorry, had to add that. I'm tired. I've had/have/will have, or maybe just 'have' a long day today.