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Reply to Time does not exist (and neither does motion)

Hi Robert
I am so jealous that you have "time" to make a web page about such frivolous
topics such as "time".  If I only had more time in my day I could really get
more done.  I believe time does exist, just not enough of it for me.

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Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2002 4:51 PM
Subject: Time does not exist (and neither does motion)

> Heresy! -
> I've long held some rather unusual/unpopular theories in my
> head. One of those theories has to do with time. I don't believe
> in it. I simply don't accept it as real. I've often discussed
> this crazy little idea with some of my friends. Now I've finally
> committed it to paper (so to speak). I hope no one has me
> committed, based on my wacky idea.
> My 'No such thing as time' theory is now publicly accessible to
> the whole world. Check it out when you've got the 'Time'. I'm
> sure you'll enjoy it.
> Another addition to the Rob's World! web site.
> Enjoy: https://www.robsworld.org/notime.html
> - Robert