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Re: NowNowNowNowNowNowNow...

Pat -

I don't believe anything is infinite. As for explanations involving the 'Balance of the Universe' you're going to have to turn to a priest. I don't think I could pull that one off.

I don't believe any events happen more than once. Every event is absolutely unique. No two events (nodes along a probability path) are unique. I don't believe in infinite time either. I don't believe in time at all. I thought we went over that before?

Every configuration of matter within the probability matrix (every node) is unique. No two events are ever identical. This is not a theory. Think about it for a while. Could any event truly occur more than once? Zoom down to the subatomic level, and you'll understand what I'm talking about. Although an event might look similar, when you examine any event at it's base level, you'll agree that every event is unique.

Now zoom out and examine the big picture. How big is your frame of reference? You have to include everything that has an influence on the event. Were the tidal forces strong at the time of the event? What time of day was it? Was it cloudy outside? Was there a high pressure system in the area? Were all the atomic particles in the exact same configuration?

Everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen, simultaneously exists within the probability matrix. All events are nodes that your consciousness has visited, is visiting, will visit. These terms all indicate a temporal reference when in fact there is no such thing.

Time is your consciousness sequencing, or processing your experiences in a manner that you are able to understand.

All events are unique and static. They all coexist simultaneously within the probability matrix, and they never occur more than once. I say no to infinity.

- Robert


Probability path - The path that your consciousness followed, follows, will follow, within a probability tree. Your consciousness visits event nodes along the path, and these events are sequenced (experienced/processed) in a linear, continuous, and contiguous fashion.

Probability tree - All possible events for any given consciousness. Some experiences are outside the realm of possibility for a given consciousness. For example Rob's consciousness is not capable of experiencing the joy of being a spatula as it is ground up for recycling in a Tunisian plastics reprocessing plant.

Probability matrix - All possible events for all consciousnesses (plural for consciousness?). A combination of everyones probability trees.

On Wednesday, February 20, 2002, at 03:24 , Patrick G Konshak wrote:

I'm a little lost here. This "infinite number of Nows, or nodes in the
Probability Matrix" is neath here or there to me. Maybe if you explain
how dose it effect the balance of the Universe or the outcome of events,
I can get on the same page. The closes I can come is were you say
"events". What I know is rather an event happens once every billion
years (or a very limited amount or parameters), or once ever nano second
(or a lot of parameters), . When you multiply both events by infinite
time, you come out with each event happening the same number of times.
That is: Infinite number of times.