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Re: Time?

Rob -

You're way off the mark here. You need to go back and read the page again. I completely reject time, in all it's forms. Clocks don't tell 'Time' they have hands that move in a circle. That's it. Clocks don't fit the equation at all. Neither does jet-lag, or the international date line.

I've been having a protracted discussion with a couple of other friends regarding the nature (or non-existence) of time. Here's the latest from that discussion. Maybe it'll help...

We are consciousness, traveling down a probability path. Visiting nodes along the way. Each node is a static now. A fixed and unchanging (no such thing as motion) configuration of matter. An act never becomes a node. All acts are nodes. As your consciousness visits these nodes you experience them in a linear fashion (perceived as motion and time), because that's the only way you are capable of processing the experience. You create time and motion by processing the nodes your consciousness is visiting.

I'll give you a call when I get down to the Springs. I leave on the 25th, class starts on the 26th. Will you two be busy on the evening of the 25th? It's a Monday. I'll probably be spending most of my weekends back here though.

The counters on my web pages are provided by Geocities. You can get them with the free pages, but then you have to put up with the advertisement. I pay for my Geocities services (GeoPlus). $4.95 a month isn't a bad deal for what I'm getting. I have different counters for every (almost every) page, and I do get statistics with the counters.

- Robert

On Wednesday, February 20, 2002, at 09:57 , Ramsey, Robert T (Space Systems) wrote:

Hello Rob,

I liked your essay on the existence of time. Although, I'd like to say that
clocks don't necessarily tell time. They simply move a device per a set
frequency. The acceptance of clocks being a judge of time is simply
interpretation. Clocks aren't always correct, so if you read a clock that
is giving you the wrong time has your reality or sense of time changed;
being that you consciously accept the incorrect time? How does jet-lag play
into the equation?

Anyways, I'm sure we'll enjoy a deep discussion or two while you are at the
NCO academy. By the way, where did you get your counter? I'm using a
counter from www.thecounter.com . It used to be free but about eight months
ago they started charging for statistical data. The counter works but it
has issues. Can you access statistical data via your counter provider?

Your Friend,

Rob Ramsey

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