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Re: NowNowNowNowNowNowNow...

Rob -

On Tuesday, February 19, 2002, at 03:03 , Robert J. Garrity wrote:

> How do you know that a fish can't become a G.E. Energy Saver > refrigerator if it jumped hard enough. I mean, really hard...
> I get that. When you are dealing with a finite set multiplied > by another (admittedly big) finite set you probably don't have > infinity. But the node slicing thing I get caught up on. At > what point does an act become a node? You could argue it > straight down to the cellular level and below. I think you end > up arguing matter out of the equation entirely. Are we all just > consciousness running down linear lines of possibility? Hmmm...

Yes! You've got it. That's exactly what I'm saying. We are consciousness, traveling down a probability path. Visiting nodes along the way. Each node is a static now. A fixed and unchanging (no such thing as motion) configuration of matter. An act never becomes a node. All acts are nodes. As your consciousness visits these nodes you experience them in a linear fashion (perceived as motion and time), because that's the only way you are capable of processing the experience. You create time and motion by processing the nodes your consciousness is visiting.

As for whether matter exists at all... That's another matter. I guess you could argue that theses experiences that we have (as we travel down our probability paths) are in fact simulated events, perceived by our consciousness to be 'Real'. Reminiscent of another 'Matrix'. I really love that movie.

- Robert

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