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Re: Reply to Time does not exist (and neither does motion)

Shelly -

I got your recent email. Both your reply to my mail, and the other one. Glad to hear from you. I hope you liked the web page. Took me about four hours (total) to do that web page. Getting it all straight in my head took several years. Having no kids has one advantage.

If you still believe that time exists I must not have done a very good job. I was hoping to convince people. Was there anything about the theory that you found confusing or poorly argued?

There are people out there who still believe that the world is flat. http://www.lhup.edu/~dsimanek/fe-scidi.htm (I'm not implying that you're one of them (are you?)) :-)

In the 'meantime', I'm getting ready to go to a school. I'll be attending the NCO Academy next month. Six weeks in Colorado Springs. Luckily, it's close enough that I'll be able to drive home on the weekends.

I'm looking forward to it. Supposedly, it's a challenging experience. I don't have any doubt about that, but I'm looking forward to a break from my pressure cooker job.

- Robert

On Tuesday, February 19, 2002, at 05:30 , Shelly Haas wrote:

Hi Robert
I am so jealous that you have "time" to make a web page about such frivolous
topics such as "time". If I only had more time in my day I could really get
more done. I believe time does exist, just not enough of it for me.

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Heresy! -

I've long held some rather unusual/unpopular theories in my
head. One of those theories has to do with time. I don't believe
in it. I simply don't accept it as real. I've often discussed
this crazy little idea with some of my friends. Now I've finally
committed it to paper (so to speak). I hope no one has me
committed, based on my wacky idea.

My 'No such thing as time' theory is now publicly accessible to
the whole world. Check it out when you've got the 'Time'. I'm
sure you'll enjoy it.

Another addition to the Rob's World! web site.

Enjoy: https://www.robsworld.org/notime.html

- Robert

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