Trees of Fort Meade

     I was stationed at Fort George G. Meade from 29 Dec of 92, until 27 Mar of 95. Not quite 3 years. Fort Meade is centrally located between Baltimore, the District of Columbia, and Annapolis MD. The base contains several hundred acres of forested woodland, and one large undeveloped wooded area with trails running through it.
     This is the area where I went, when I wanted to identify trees. Sometimes I would visit other places on base in order to identify trees. But this was by far my favorite spot. Here are the tree types I identified while assigned to Fort George G. Meade.

     Well That's it for Fort Meade. I wouldn't doubt that I'll be back that way again some day. As you can tell from the list, I'm not much into the coniferous end of this tree identifying. I don't know why. I just like the deciduous trees better for some reason.

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