Diana Vaessen


Diana Vaessen Bertie (Bert) Rudolph Vaessen Hubertus Johannes Vaessen Gertruda Wilhelmina Christina Jacobs Edeltraud Jacobs


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Bertie (Bert) Rudolph Vaessen  Edeltraud Jacobs

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children




Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.


Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Brothers & Sisters
Anja VaessenSister
Edeltraud JacobsMother
Bertie (Bert) Rudolph VaessenFather
Hubertus Johannes VaessenGrandfather27 JUN 192615 MAY 2001
Gertruda Wilhelmina Christina JacobsGrandmother
Aldegonda Hubertina PeetersGreat-Grandmother19 MAR 18882 AUG 1968
Petrus Joannes (Johannes) VaessenGreat-Grandfather2 JUL 188825 MAR 1970
Uncles & Aunts
Gerda VerheijenAunt-in-law
Andy ScharrenbergUncle-in-law
Peter (Piet) Hubertus Christiaan VaessenUncle
Christiaan Maria VaessenUncle
Bettina (Tiny) Maria CoolsAunt-in-law
Jan Wilhelmus Hubertus VaessenUncle
Yueh Huan TsengAunt-in-law
Johanna (Han) Maria Hyacintha LeendersAunt-in-law
Hubertus Johannes VaessenUncle25 AUG 19558 APR 2004
Mechtildis (Til) Johannes Marinus KrijntjesAunt-in-law
Jolanda Johanna Gerarda Elisabeth Aldegonda VaessenAunt
Daniel Marinus VaessenFirst Cousin (m)
Mickel VaessenFirst Cousin (m)
Alexander Johannes Maria VaessenFirst Cousin (m)
Leonardus (Boy) Hubertus VaessenFirst Cousin (m)
Great-Uncles & Great-Aunts
Christina (Stien) Joanna VaessenGreat Aunt24 FEB 191310 MAR 1978
Maria (Mie) Aldegonda VaessenGreat Aunt31 JUL 1914
Jan VaessenGreat Uncle16 JUL 19168 APR 1989
Benedict (Ben) VaessenGreat Uncle27 AUG 1917DEC 1997
Johanna (Annie) Hubertina VaessenGreat Aunt7 NOV 191823 APR 1990
Wilhelmina Johanna VaessenGreat Aunt6 FEB 192015 MAR 1983
Josephina (Fien) Wilhelmina VaessenGreat Aunt
Petrus Johannes VaessenGreat Uncle16 JUL 19231 SEP 1923
Aldegonda Johanna VaessenGreat Aunt
Catharina (Too) Henrica VaessenGreat Aunt12 AUG 192722 JUN 1964

World History

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