On the 29th of September, 2009, Kim and I went to our first Colorado Rockies baseball game. We've been here since '01, but we've never been to a Rockies game or a Broncos game... Or any of the many other sports activities available in Colorado. Colorado is a big sports town, but Kim and I have been busy. I'm sure we'll never get to see and do everything that Colorado has to offer, but we're working on it.

O.k. back to the point. We took some time off work, bought some tickets and went to see the game. What game did we see? Well, we're from Wisconsin, but Colorado's been our home since 2001 (we bought our first home in 2005), so we went to see game one of the Rockies vs Brewers series. It was a battle for the wild card playoff spot, and the Rockies were doing their best to cinch that spot. We left around 1630, took the light rail, and parked ourselves in some great seats - Section 227, Row 6, Seats 8 and 9. The game went extra innings, ending with a home run in the 11th. We didn't get out of there until appx 2330, and we didn't hit the hay until 0030. It's a good thing I took the 30th off.

I didn't have time to add any annotations or change the titles, but the photos tell the story without the need for any embellishment. I hope you enjoy the photos. We sure enjoyed the game.

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