Rockies Ball Games - June 2014

Rockies 'Double-Header' in June 2014
On the 21st and 25th of June, Kim and I went to a couple of Colorado Rockies baseball games. We've been here (In Colorado) since '01, and this isn't the first Rockies game that we've ever been to (and we still haven't gone to any Broncos games), but it still feels like we're 'out of towners' when it comes to Colorado sports events. Neither of us was heavily involved in sports as children, and I don't appreciate any sports where physical contact with an opponent is part of winning (i.e. I depise MMA, and Boxing. I don't really care for American style Football). We certainly haven't taken advantage of the many team sport venues available in Colorado. Colorado is a big sports town, but Kim and I have been busy. I'm sure we'll never get to see and do everything that Colorado has to offer, but we're working on it.

O.k. back to the point. Now that I have weekends and holidays off (thanks to my new job), I don't have to take vacation in order to enjoy my weekends. For that matter, now that I'm not working shift work, I can take off work in the middle of the week - Just to see a ball game, just to relax and enjoy a day of baseball during the middle of a Colorado Summer. This 'Double-Header' came during the middle of July. Normally, Kim and I go to see at least one of the Rockies vs Brewers games, and that's what we did on a Saturday (21st of July, 2014). We left home around 1200, drove to 'Nine Mile Station', bought some Light Rail tickets, and headed downtown. We stopped for a bite to eat on Wynkoop Street (at the Wynkoop Brewery), then mader our way to the stadium. By 1515 we were and parked in our seats (Club level seats in the 'Wells Fargo' section) waiting for the game to start. The action started a little late due to some weather. Thankfully, we were well sheltered from the rain by the seats above ours. We always try to get our seats in this section. They're a bit more expensive, but it's worth it on days like this.

Thankfully the game didn't go extra innings, but it sure was a good game - For the Brewers! Especially the crazy wild pitch in the third inning. With bases loaded, the Brewers capitalized on a chaotic situation. The ball was thrown back after a wild pitch, but it was thrown past the pitcher, wasn't recovered properly and then there were multiple errors made as the Brewers kept coming home - What a mess! The Brewers ended up scoring three runs on that crazy wild pitch. The Brewers won the game easily after that disasterous inning. The Rockies managed to pull in a couple more runs, but the game ended 9 to 4 in favor of the Brewers. Going to a Rockies vs Brewers games is one of our favorite things to do. No matter who wins, we get to leave the stadium saying "We Won!"

That was the game on the 21st of June. As I mentioned earlier, this was a 'Double Header' of sorts. Normally, Kim and I only make one baseball game a year, but this year would be a bit different. This time my employer let me leave work early, on the 25th of June, 2014, in order to enjoy a game in the middle of the week. A 'Morale Building Activity' they call it. This MBA was arranged by a group of people at work. My employer pays for the time off. In this case, four hours are charged as a Morale Building Activity. And it worked for Kim and I. We both took a half day off of work (she had to take her own vacation/she doesn't work for the same company). We drove home, changed, drove to 'Nine Mile Station', bought some Light Rail tickets, and headed downtown to Coors Field.

Since we had planned a little ahead, we had already bought tickets for the game (Someone at work bought a large block of tickets in one of the cheaper sections (not our normal club level seats)). What game did we see? Well, we're from Wisconsin, but Colorado's been our home since 2001. We normally go to see at least one of the Rockies vs Brewers games, and we did that on Saturday. This time we went to a Rockies vs Cardinals game. We left around 1400, took the light rail, and arrived in downtown Denver just in time to see the game start. without any shade over our heads, I was wishing I had brought a hat, and I ended up buying my first 'Rockies' ball-caps. It's a good thing I did. Even with the cap, I still got sunburned on the back of my neck and Kim fared far worse as she refused to buy a ball cap.

The game went well for the Cardinals, and the pitching (from the Cardinals) was outstanding. The Rockies couldn't seem to hit any of the balls thrown by Marco Gonzales (a Colorado native) in his debut game. The best part of this game was being there with friends, our co-workers. The fact that my employer paid for the time off just made it that much better. I had a few beers, a foot-long hot-dog, and a really good time. Despite the sunburn and the Rockies' loss (Cardinals won 9 to 6), we both had a good time. Thankfully the game didn't run late, and we got home at a decent time (before 2200). Another great month at Coors Stadium - If only the Rockies could play a better game!

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