Kuchta Family Reunion - 2015

During July of 2015, Kim and I attended a 'Big Fat Polish Family Reunion'. It's the first full up family reunion Kim and I have attended (on either side) in a very long time...

The family reunion (her side of the family) took place over the 4th of July weekend. To get there Kim and I flew from Denver to Green Bay. From there we drove to the land of beer, brats, polkas and potato salad - Pulaski, Wi.

Kim's uncle Bill & aunt Greta threw a huge family reunion party for the extended Kuchta family. People traveled from all over America to attend this two-day blow-out. Much beer, old-fashioned cocktails, food and love flowed freely on Saturday and Sunday.

Kim and I had a fantastic time with the extended Kuchta family. Thank you to everyone who shared their homes, food and friendship over the last couple of days. We really had a blast and hope that the family tradition will continue with a new generation of hosts.

I volunteered to take photos during the family reunion and I quick went through the hundreds of photos I took. I would have taken more, but I had to stop every now and then to sample the beer and sauerkraut casserole - Not to mention the 'getting to know' you aspects of the family reunion.

Now that I've made my initial run through the photos (cropping, rotating, adjusting contrast, exposure, brightness, color, etc), I've posted them online for the rest of the family. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I took the photos, I'm not in many of them. I am in the big group photo though. It's an immense group photo taken by one of the band members. Maybe you can spot me - Here's a hint; I'm the one with the blue hair!

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