Kim's Birthday in Durango - 2014

In July of 2014 (July 24 - 26), Kim and I took a little vacation to celebrate Kim's birthday - Happy Birthday Kim! - It was a short three day vacation in Southwestern Colorado.

On Thursday (24 Jul 2014) we drove down to the city of Durango. We took the scenic route along U.S. routes 285 (north/south) and 160 (east/west). The drive took us through the heart of the Rockies in Colorado.

We arrived in Durango in the afternoon, checked into our hotel; situated adjacent to the Animas river, and enjoyed the small town bustle of a tourist town in the summertime.

On Friday we walked down to the train station and caught a bus (part of a tour) to Silverton. The drive was quite scenic along the Animas river valley, amongst the tall peaks of the Rockies.

In Silverton, we took a jeep tour further north up the Animas river valley. We explored a bunch of old abandoned ghost towns; the legacy of old mining operations.

After the jeep tour took us back to Silverton, we boarded a steam locomotive and enjoyed a train ride back to Durango. A relaxing trip with plenty of opportunity for photos and maybe even a nap :-)

Upon our return to Durango we freshened up a bit, then headed out for some dining. We ate out on the patio at an excellent restaurant (Cyprus Cafe), and didn't get back to the hotel until late.

On Saturday we slept in late, and didn't leave until noon or so. The drive home was plagued with storms and we drove through rain for more than three hours. We finally got home late on Saturday, unpacked and immediately went to bed. We were both sick. Kim caught something on Wednesday, brought it with her on the vacation, infected me, and we both suffered through the next week with a miserable head and upper chest cold.

We had a good time, but we were far too rushed. Next time we go back to Durango - an excellent starting point for an 'Out West Colorado Adventure' - we'll stay longer and take our time enjoying the experience.

Happy Birthday to Kim!

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