Island of Rota - 2014

In May of 2014 (13-21 May), Kim and I went on a long vacation to the Island of Rota. It's a tiny (11.8x5 miles) island just north (40 miles) of Guam. It's a U.S. territory (part of the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands) just above (10 degrees) north of the equator.

We went on this vacation for two reasons: A - To get away from it all. The hectic pace of work and city life was wearing us down and we needed a good long break. B - As a scouting trip for a possible retirement (still a long way off) location.

We had a fantastic time. No problems encountered during our vacation. The island was warm, tropical, friendly and full of interesting things to see and do. I hope we get to go back one day. Rota would be a great place to retire to.

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