Coconut Sashimi

Taking a break from the sun, our guide served up a native treat. Something I would never have imagined. Something he called ‘Coconut Sashimi’. Using his wicked looking ‘Pocket Knife’, Henry chopped open a few of the coconuts he plucked earlier during our tour.

The coconuts were ‘green’. The coconut water was still cool and very fresh. We drank that before the carving continued. The flavor of coconut water is quickly catching on in American grocery stores.

After we drank the water, Henry carved open the coconuts. You have to select the right coconut. He determined which ones were best by shaking the coconuts and listening to the sloshing sound of the contents.

You have to select green coconuts, but not too green. If they’re too green, the coconut meat is just a slimy jelly with no body. If they’re too ripe the meat is too firm and dry. There’s a spot in between where the meat is firm and moist. It has a consistency just like meat. The texture is identical to a firm piece of raw squid.

Despite the consistency, it doesn’t have a fishy taste. It remains sweet, milky and coconut to the core! Henry mixed some wasabi with soy sauce and we enjoyed a treat I had never heard of before.

So good - Cocount Sashimi! I can’t imagine when or if I’ll ever have it again. I’m sure it’ll show up in the states eventually.


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