Hawaii - 2014

In August of 2014 (4 - 9 Aug, 2014) I went on a business trip to Hawaii. I spent the whole time on the Island of Oahu visiting various customers. We stayed in Waikiki, not too far from the beach.

The hotel wasn't the greatest, but we made up for that by visiting some awesome beaches (nearly deserted beaches), eating at a variety of excellent restaurants, and driving around the island a few times.

Work took us all over the island, and we had to cut some of our meetings short because of the hurricanes! Thankfully Iselle wasn't as damaging as many had predicted, and Julio missed the island completely.

I had a good time, discovered some excellent places to eat (cheap and good food), and I absolutely know where we'll stay (beach cottages on Bellows AFB) the next time Kim and I vacation there.

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