European Vacation - 2015

European Vacation
In May of 2015, Kim and I (and Kim's parents: Ted & Sharon) embarked on a 16 day European vacation. The biggest vacation of our lives. A whirlwind tour of Western Europe. It was a guided tour (via bus) of eight countries (U.K., France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland) and I can't remember how many cities. I took nearly 3,000 photos, so it took quite some time (142 days?) to go through all of those photos, but now there are pictures.

I managed to whittle that giant mass of photos down to 524 memorable moments. I spent a little time editing each and every one (photos rarely turn out perfect when you click that button). Hopefully the photos plus my journal notes will give you some sense of our adventure - the Trials and Triumphs - The highs and the lows. We had a great time (for the most part).

For now its time to take a little vacation from our vacation. Sleeping in an American sized bed (i.e. King Sized) was the first order of business after this King Sized adventure. We had a great time, but we're quite glad to be back in the good 'ol US of A! I hope you enjoy the photos.

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