England - Sep 2013

In September of 2013, I went on a business trip (with a few co-workers) to England. We weren't there very long; from the 15th through the 19th, returning on the 20th of Sep, 2013. We flew into Manchester, took a taxi to Harrogate and spent the next four days working in the area. The group of us carpooled and I was the designated driver. It had been a while since I drove on the left side of the road (since we left Japan in 2001), but I quickly adapted. Navigating the narrow streets wasn't all that difficult and the small and very maneuverable compact car brought back some rather aggressive driving habits from my days in Italy.

We spent most of our time working, but we were able to get out and about a little bit. Visiting a drew of the towns pubs and restaurants. One of these days I'll visit England for pleasure instead of business. Kim and I have been planning a European vacation for several years, and England is one of the stops we're looking forward to.

The area we visited - The Yorkshire Dales, is a rural area of Northern England. Filled with sheep grazing in river fed valleys and occasional rocky outcroppings, the pastoral setting is quite a treasure to behold. If only we had time to do a bit of hiking. Unfortunately, most of our free time was spent in pubs and restaurants.

Here are a few of the photos I took during our short trip. I hope you enjoy them.

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