Annibirthday 2012

Kim's parents joined Kim and I in October of 2012 for an Annibirthday weekend. Ted & Sharon flew in on the 25th of October and we spent the afternoon relaxing at the house. Ted and I repaired the florescent lights in our laundry room, while the women enjoyed an afternoon at a spa. We all went out to eat at Texas de Brazil that evening (I'll post more about that later). On the morning of the 26th we drove west into the Rockies. The weather was crappy and the roads a bit icy. Thankfully the weather broke just after Vail, and the trip into Glenwood Springs was clear, sunny and snow-free! That night we stayed at the Glenwood Springs Hotel (in Glenwood Springs). We spent some time soaking in the hot springs (just across the street from the hotel), and a little bit of time shopping. On the 27th we left Glenwood Springs and drove back to Aurora, Colorado. Along the way we stopped in Beaver Creek for lunch and Vail in order to do some more shopping. It was a very relaxing birthday/anniversary. No big events, just a casual weekend with Kim's parents. Thankfully that crappy weather in the Denver/Aurora area (see below) didn't follow us to Glenwood Springs. On the evening of the 27th we ate in (at our house) and relaxed. On the 28th of October, Kim and her mother did some more shopping in the Denver/Aurora area. That evening, we ate out at Maggiano's, and Kim's parents flew home on the morning of the 29th. It was a relaxing long weekend. Kim and I enjoyed Ted and Sharon's company, and we all had a good time. The 'Annibirthday' is our anniversary and my birthday. Kim and I got married on my birthday, on the 26th of October, back in 1985 - We've been married 27 years, and I'm too old to do the math for my age. Let's just say I'm not 'over the hill' yet!

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