Here's a list of characters from my campaign. Past and present, the characters listed here represent a fraction of those who have called Rob's World! home. Some of the players are long forgotten, but many of the characters live long in our memory. Who can forget their heroic feats, the daring deeds, and tragic endings? Let's heft our mugs, sing their praises, and salute those Heroes of Rob's World lore!

This list represents characters dating back from the late 70's through today's date. Are you a former player? Can you spot your character? I'm glad I kept all those old character sheets. There certainly are a lot of good memories in the names listed above. If you're a former player in my "Rob's World!" campaign, and your character is missing from the list, I'd gladly add it if I had the necessary information. If you'd like to see your character (Ilea) listed here, please send me an email with the necessary information.

(The asterisk * is used to indicate a campaign specific race or class.)

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