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Pat -

        See the other e-mail I sent (subject mstrprof.txt) regarding the
skills/proficiencies listings in the mstrprof.txt document.

I said :

>>I use both character points and Proficiency/weapon slots.


>>If you use both S&P and C&T you have to adopt the Character point system,
>>and >>abandon the proficiency slot system. The two cannot be used

You said:

>These two staetments seem to contradict each other. You use
>Proficiency/weapon slots and you abandon the proficiency slot.

I use them both in that:
        I translate any occurence of "SLOT" into the appropriate number of
character points (Where the actual cost in charachter points depends on
your basic type/class).
I abandon proficiency slots in that:
        Once any reference to "SLOT" has been converted/translated into
character points it is no longer a "slot". It is now character points. One
should not think in terms of "SLOTS". One should always think in terms of
character points.

        Keep in mind that character points come from a variety of sources.
As indicated in the mstrprof.txt Skills & Points cross index chart.
Although these points may start out being called by a different name;
Ultimately, they are in the end, character points. And only, character

I said:

>The very top row of the spreadsheet indicates what each column is. The
>cost is in Character points except where indicated by the word "SLOT" When a
>skill/proficiency is described as costing 1 SLOT. What it really means is
>that the 'Character Point' cost depends on your Basic type.

You said:

>So lets see if I can understand this. I should only be thinking in "character
>points". If I see the word "slot" I should be thinking "verys" (not
> proficiency slot ).


>If I got this right then:
>A) Does it allways indacate what the Very cost is in character points (not
>proficiency slot)?

        The cost in character points depends on your basic character
If you are a warrior then any reference to "SLOT" means 2 character points.
If you are playing any other character type then the cost is 3 character
points. If it says "2 SLOT" and you are playing a warrior type then that
means it costs 4 character points. If it says "2 SLOT" and you are playing
a rogue then the cost is 6 character points. etc. (see S&P pg 113 table 48)

You said:

>B) Why not use the word "very" instead of  "slot" (to avoid konfusion).

        Because the original documents use the word "slot". And I prefer to
preserve the original wording whenever possible. It appears that the word
"slot" has caused plenty confusion already.
        In addition. I fealt that the word "Slot" was adequately explained
in S&P pg 113, 1st column, 2nd & 3rd paragraphs. "Selecting Weapon
Proficiencies". The term "SLOT" is preserved for both reasons.

        The term "SLOT" is another holdover from the non-options (straight
PHB/DMG) portion of AD&D. It needed to be included/retained in order to
join the options, and non-options AD&D versions together. So that the
options rules could be used with the original non-options rules.
        They did not want to create a set of rules, that were completely
new to the game. Thay wanted to create a series of options, which could be
used in conjunction with the original rules. As a result you will find some
of these old terms acting as linking mechanisms. Which are used to tie the
new options to the old rules. Rather than new terms, and new rules, which
would override and supersede the old ones.

I said:

>All references in the profss.xl Master proficiency spreadsheet are so you can
>read the description of the skill in question and find the specific rules
>>regarding how to apply the skill in question. Always use the point costs
>listed >in the profss.xl Master proficiency spreadsheet.

>Got it!


- As always, I eagerly await your next question.
- Your most humble servant..

- Robert

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