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1) Robert James Anthony Garrity  Male
Osaka - Japan Location
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Original comments: May 23, 2002

Foolish Mortals! (No I'm not really an omnipotent threat I just like to start out that way...) Robert as always I'm impressed. does this suggest that your website is stellar or that I'm easy to impress, well I can't say but I likes what I sees and I sees what I likes. So does cousin Earl, (mentioned above). I also want to say that Macs rule, but I want to say it kinda quietly so as not to offend any of your other guests. After all, everyone knows that Mac spelled backwards is 'Cam' which in Urudu means 'that which is an engine part' and why I thought that was relavent right now I have know idea... Ok, I'm signing off now... Goodbye... Uh, did I mention I have a cousin?
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