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Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy
Robert Anton Wilson Dell Religion & Spirituality 560
Summary: The sequel to the cult classic The Illuminatus! Trilogy, this is an epic fantasy that offers a twisted look at our modern-day world--a reality that exists in another dimension of time and space that may be closer than we think.

My Comments: More Metaphysics. Is the cat in the box or not?

The Illuminatus! Trilogy: The Eye in the Pyramid, The Golden Apple, Leviathan
Robert Shea, Robert Anton Wilson Dell Literature & Fiction 805
Summary: "The biggest sci-fi cult novel to come along since Dune."--The Village Voice.

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Reality Is What You Can Get Away With
Robert Anton Wilson New Falcon Publications Entertainment 176
Summary: Here are images of our culture's absurdities, injustices, violence and desires, shot at you in a machine-gun-like assault on your senses and intellect. The result is hilarious, chilling and irrevocably mind-altering --- a left-brain/right-brain challenge ... a consciousness-raising experience filled with laughter, rage --- and truth.

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